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Contact Us

                       WELCOME TO MY SERVICE!


                  Call or text cell phone: 902-249-0086   

                        toll free: 1-877-720-8747             


                   email: [email protected]   



  • Shuttlecab (transfer) service to and from Halifax and airport to the Valley and Digby areas
  • Parcel pickup and deliveries
  • Beverage Tours
  • Whale Watch weekends with B&B in a beautifully remote area
  • Sightseeing trips Saturdays
  • Digby Neck sightseeing trip (half day) or Digby Neck and Islands trip (full day) now offers a visit to the replica Maud Lewis house. (Seen the movie Maudie  yet?) 

   I am the only person in my business. Therefore, there is no secretary to answer the phone. Please be patient until I get a chance to stop driving and call you back. Please text or leave voicemail at 902-249-0086. I'll be happy to return your call.